Poetry inspired by true Love


Time, the greatest mystery
The One debate throughout the history
Unspoken failure of their science
Spiritual struggle in defiance

Time, the silent question
Of movement, the illusion, not expression
Dimension best defined but never seen
The healer King and the deadly Queen

Time, the paradox of Life
The Universe and meaning, the everlasting strife
Fears, primal, their twisted roots
Dreams so beautiful, from the Tree of Life the sweetest fruits

Time, essence of fortune pouring from thy fountain
Of doom, the waters black, raging from the darkest mountain
Light, blinding yet so warm
Shapeless body taking any form

Time, unreadable, so sad
Like the Creator going blind, voiceless, mad
Her powers, though, will never fade
Of pure Ether they are made

Time, she despise them, humans
For delving deep into her flesh, leaving only ruins
But the more they grasp for knowing
The least of meaning she is showing
And still they leap into obscurity
Minds drowning in impurity

But Time, she smiled at me
For I was given the eyes to see
A simple tool and yet so powerful
It makes each moment so precious, so wonderful
And now I’m one of the only two, since Time’s Еxistence
Who see eternity in an instance
The other one is you, my Love

Matter was created so that we can touch
To consume our lust, we always crave so much
Our passion is like blazing fire
Everlasting mighty storm of wild desire

Space was created so that we can dance
In the movement of our bodies we reach the highest trance
We’ve never needed sound and rhythm in balance or in entropy
Silence is the richest and the deepest melody

Time was created so that we can love each other more and more
And walk, hand in hand, along this endless shore
With every moment our Love grows stronger
And our path together stretches ever longer

The Universe exists so we can perceive our Love
I only need to look into your eyes to forget the sky above
Love is the Infinite bliss
To sense Eternity in every kiss