Poetry inspired by true Love


Goddess created by the elements
Of miracles and magic you are evidence
I followed you the other day
And witnessed how from ART you took the 'A'

A painting drawn with one color only
A story written with one word only
A song in one tone only
A play without actors
A symphony without music
A photograph in pure white
A movie in one frame only
A sculpture in one shape only
An opera without voices
A dance without moves

You took the world apart
Together with my craving heart
You stop at nothing, it's who you are
Once again you went and took the 'R'

A piano without keys
A violin without stings
A camera without film
A brush without hairs
A pen without ink
A chisel without blade

Ideas of people, orphaned, crippled
Creativity, riddled, blanked
Thy spirit will always be so free
I did not stop you to take the 'T'

But when I thought: It's over! The world will start to fall
You touched my lips and to me you gave it all
To be the vessel of your beauty, passion, glory
From our Love inspired, to write the greatest story