Poetry inspired by true Love

4th of June

But you were always there
A subtle scent within the air
The sweetest voice,
When the rest was only noise
A beauty hidden in the shades
A sparkling light that never fades

That thirst, everlasting, it was you
That mist of sadness every morning, it was you
That itch under my stretched skin, it was you
That burning heart of wild desire, it was you
Restlessness, entropy of feelings, it was you
Insanity, emotional disaster, it was you
The dreams that left the sweetest taste, but not a scar
It was only you
That impulse of pure inspiration, fleeting like the falling star
It was only you

And it all begun on the fourth day of June
Harbinger of the greatest storm to come
Exploded on December's first moon
A Universe of pure Love it would become