Poetry inspired by true Love

To My Father

How I came to be?
To me you speak, oh waters cold!
In forests thee, oh let me see!
Whisper it, I pray, God of mountains old!

I knew an Eagle once
Born a king of strength and grace
But he never hath no sons
For lost it was - the nest, when pride hath won the race

The Eagle looks now through my eyes
His mighty powers I possess
This strength, alas, is telling lies
A flight too far is not to bless

The whisper as a vision came:
A hand so little nestled in a palm
This gentle touch is Love the same
An infant mind in sleep so calm

Of memories the first this vision is!
First word I spake: ‘Father!’ Oh voice so sweet!
My cheeks still know thy loving kiss
Thy steps but followed my trembling little feet

To me you reached through mighty storm
Walked hand in hand through darkest night
A shiny blade against the black-winged swarm
Thy blade a sword is not but love and light

Thy sacrifice Olympus is
My gratitude the lowest hill
Yet the climb begun from the abyss
To reach the top I shall, for love is wings and strength is will

How I came to be?
Flesh from thine
Oh Father, it is thou in me
It is thy sparkles that in my eyes so brightly shine

Thou art my greatest teacher
Father, thy words are not but songs of preacher:

Any man a foot can set upon а peak
But the View exposed is only to the few
Who took the steeper path for it is true
And the smooth at all they did not seek

Never hath a man wealthier (than me) walked upon this Earth
Yet thy legacy is not a mount of gold
Nor countless things millions in worth
But precious moments a sleeping mind cannot behold:

Oh sing thy wisdom, waters cold, in silence we shall sit
Play, oh birds of splendor, it’s Life itself revealed in thy flight
Oh mighty cliffs, thy touch is bliss for Sun thy fire lit
Shine oh countless stars, we are but the echo of thy light

Look up, Father, I know you read the skies
Again through darkest night together we shall talk
The moon shall steel the colours from our eyes
And that steeper path together we shall walk