Poetry inspired by true Love


I am a witness!

Millions of voices descending from the sky:
Children of the rain
Behind our prison lies
Now doom awaits ahead
And yet the fall is our purpose
In screams we crash, we die
But our death disperses life
As morning mist will our spirits rise
In sky to be reborn so we can live to fall again

A gust of wind by mighty branches trapped
Whispers, voiceless, secrets of the forest:
Every leaf upon a tree infected is with life
A soul it has, it feels, it dreams, it cries
In Spring the leaf is born
To serve until the Fall, an oath is sworn -
One chilly morning witnessed by a thousand blooms
Bathed in the sweet reflections of the rising Sun
And so it does as days are passing
But peace will never be in balance
It starts as an itch upon untroubled mind
Through fear growing stronger, reaching deeper
To become a lustful dream, irresistible desire
For the first and final dance of freedom and of death
The time has come, its color is of burning fire
By wind the dream becomes alive
Only an instance but for the leaf it’s everlasting
When ending mingled is with understanding
Its rotting fresh for Life will be the food
Until one chilly morning the leaf will be reborn
And the oldest oath will once again be sworn

A song so beautiful, the World itself just stopped to listen
Harmony of sounds beyond compare
Melody so pure, that even silence’s drowning in despair
By tiniest of creatures carrying the strongest wings:
My time has come
It is tonight that I shall dye
But not a tear I shall cry
So happy I am of how I lived
So proud of what I did
Of gratitude my fading heart is filled
For all the tears I have spilled
Of happiness, of loneliness, of pain
Each fall, it led to higher gain
Of Life the greatest battle I have won
Unchained the fear in my heart and it was gone
To take its place was Love invited
My heart will stop tonight but Love, she shall remain
As the eternal echo of my last song
In another time, another world, we shall meet again
Forever for the fearless is not that long
It is tonight that I shall dye
With all my Love I bid you all Goodbye!

I am nothing!

Thunder of silence blasts within my mind
The world is gone, I’m senseless, blind
Through abyss of blackness I am falling
But falling, it is by knowledge, an illusion
Since time and space only as distant memories remain
Void, but not beyond realization
And then it changed, a tiny particle of light appeared
So dense, so heavy, so powerful and yet infinitely small
Of an everlasting bloom, it is the seed
Already started as a flickr from outside
But inside, it is an explosion, beyond any measure
A lustful dance of pure energy and matter
Each touch a new explosion is
A new dance, of the creator following the passion
No destruction, only transformation and again creation
Stage after stage, petal after petal
Images of worlds immense in numbers infinite
Beautiful and elemental, self-complete
Knowledge not implanted but shared, received
Worlds distant no longer, hidden no longer
At once it all makes sense
The millions of voices from the sky
The whispers of the winds from branches high
Songs of even the tiniest of creatures
My world so clearly now I can see
So comfortable insignificance can be

I am everything!

Comfort is no more
A wave of Self attacks my humble presence
Space deformed, twisted, time is lost again
Outer world diminishes, inner world takes over
Realization of the self, of life the mysteries and secrets
Starting from the body, its powers true relieved
A Universe of energy and matter in pounds of flesh concealed
And every cell a living, breathing being is
Of infinity a part and infinite of particles itself
So magnificent it is but surface only
Sinking deeper and deeper the consciousness is reached
A cosmos of energy manifestations
Endless layers, deep relations
Each layer darker, denser, vaster
Eternity it takes for infinity to expand itself so much
As to collapse once more into the utter blackness
So my last step becomes again my first
Void, but not beyond realization
And then a tiny particle of light appeared

Raindrops rattling on the auburn leaves
Wind is wildly waving wings above the willow trees
Birds are singing songs of feelings sweet
Forest echoes footsteps of a thousand little feet

Every tree a part is of the Universe
And even the tiniest of leaves contains the Universe itself
Every single piece of infinity is by means infinite
Every instance of eternity is by purpose eternal

Afraid no more
Waiting no more
No more mysteries, no more secrets
No complexity beyond realization
No end without reincarnation
But purpose lost is in the knowledge
To exist only to continue existence
To dye only to be reborn again
So pointless, end being a beginning

Crystal clear river running down the mountain old
Everlasting, ever knowing are these waters cold
Yet my frost, they do not share
As if for purpose they never care
As little children playing
For first snow they are praying
In answer to my riddles raging
They whisper visions never fading:

Beauty greater than the Universe itself
Beyond realization, beyond imagination
Her eyes, a mirror where the creator sees his own creation
Where Life itself is stripped of secrets bare
Past, present, future hidden in the movement of her golden hair

So, of reason you are the creator
Purpose is the masterpiece of which you are the painter
Of meaning my never-ending source
My sacred mission, my eternal course
Each new beginning a celebration it will be
When I know, at the end you will be always there with me

I am Love!