Poetry inspired by true Love


Seagulls silently sleeping in the stillness
Drop by drop, night is draining out of darkness
Restless mind reaching for the riddling rhymes
Lustful cravings, creatures born of passion crimes

Awaken, diving deep into the dead of night
I need no sleep but the sound of your heart beating
Of fears dessert-dry, soul bathing in the empty light
I need no breeze but your scent breathing

My ink is blood pouring from my broken skin
Moonlight makes it black, yet it is so hot
Each fibre screaming, burning out the paper tin
The handle of my pen, smouldered by the flaming thought

In the utter dusk my sight is clear
At last I see the purpose of Before
Pieces of firewood were all my deeds and each and every tear
Hidden in my mind, behind a locked and guarded door

And then you came, your beauty was the key
Your passion was the sparkle that lighted up my soul
My flesh is burning ever since, in pain it is but free
It melts away, day by day, but promise not to cry, at all

My Love for you this fire is, fuelled by its own ashes
And like the fire itself, it can never burn
It will never burn