Poetry inspired by true Love

Your Pain

Tell me Love
Is it so hard to understand?
Why it is, the trembling of my hand?
The tiny needle in your flesh
A twisted spear impaled in mine
You know it, Love
I always cross the line

Your bleeding spirit
My tortured soul
Your fall
My sinking in a black hole
Your burned skin
My whole body on blazing fire
Your sleep disturbed
My nightmare, beautiful but dire
Your mood
My depression
Your sadness
My desperation
Your tears
Rivers of blood flowing from my heart
Your wounds
My bones, not just crushed but torn apart

Your pain
My suffer, a thousand times stronger
Please Love, give me more
I want it, more
And ever longer
If for Love it is the price
Then every time I'll pay it twice

What is Love?
Your happiness reflected in my eyes
Your pain suffered through my veins
Now, Love, you understand...