Poetry inspired by true Love

Please, Love

I Love you!
It was my first breath
I Love you!
It will be my last

Without you my heart will stop
It won't know HOW to beat
It won't know WHY to beat
Of your heart, please Love, let it follow the rhythm

Like Icarus, I've always tried to fly
And I've always crashed without knowing why
But then you came and touched my wings
Took my arm looking at the sky
We fly together ever since
Towards the Sun, towards our dreams

Of my hand, please Love, don't let go
Without your touch my wings will melt

I don't remember how to breathe
I don't remember if I ever did
My lungs, they don't need air any more
For your Love is what I live on
Your love is what I eat, what I drink
Kiss me, please Love, so I can breathe

I wasn't brave... before
Desperate and powerless is what I was... before
Naked little bird, fallen from the nest
Old warrior with an arrow in his chest
You Love me for what I am now
But what I am now, I owe to you
Caress me, please Love, so I can live

I Love you!
It was the Beginning
I Love you!
It will be, ‘till the End