Poetry inspired by true Love

The Moonrise

Darkness came to kiss the Sun goodbye
Night is falling from the sky
The world is drowning into silence
When light and dusk are in alliance

But there we stand upon the plateau
On the highest rim, immune of shadow
Bodies wrapped around each other
Souls feeding on one another

Countless stars imprisoned by the light
Begin anew the invasion of the night
Like distant torches blazing up with fires wild
In search of our Sun, their only child

So quiet, like the calm before the storm
But moments after, silence will transform
Into the beauty of the nightingale's song
To remind us: Life is there all along

The cold stone, I lay my bare fingers on
Built of memories since Earth’s first dawn
Tiny crystals of pain, of love, of death, of happiness
Of ancient triumphs and deepest loneliness

Through our souls these feelings raged
We let them pass and not be caged
For Now is only what we own
Let the fear to its end be blown

Now it’s ours, the sky above
Now we have the gift of Love
We’re not afraid those sparkles on our skin
May be the orphan light of stars long gone dim

So we know, before the Universe we’re nothing
Yet now, in that very moment we’re everything
For our Love the stars are shining
And our song the birds are singing

We’ve had a wish: to see a falling star
And sky explodes only seconds far
Behold the proof what our Will can do
Miracles that even gods cannot outdo

In that pure moment of utter bliss
Drowning in the passion of our sweetest kiss
The stars begin to fade away
Shadows resume their lustful play

By our Love, are Earth and Sky inspired
Indulging to that kiss, so long desired
Their touch begins with a faint red glow
But then the fires start to grow

The Moon is called to be the witness
Of the greatest Love, its true existence
Her body bathed in bloody golden glaze
Rises behind the flaming blaze

Such a beauty, you will say: beyond compare
But to oppose you I will dare
For nothing is as beautiful as You
Even the Moon now knows that this is true